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Scallops served at Vestige are always good

Scallops served at Vestige in Ocean Springs.
Scallops served at Vestige in Ocean Springs. Special to the Sun Herald

This week in this blog, I am sharing a random look at some of my favorite images taken while on assignment.

I have been doing this long enough to have a pretty entertaining portfolio, and I enjoy looking back over it every once in a while. Most of the images I will share this week were taken in restaurants, a few on farms throughout the state and some even from a sorghum and grit mill.

This image was taken at Vestige in Ocean Springs. Vestige is in my opinion one of the finest fine-dining restaurants in the state and when they have scallops on the menu, one of my favorite foods, there is no doubt what I am going to order.

Scallops present several interesting challenges.

First, they have to be fresh to be really good. Fresh does not mean frozen and thawed when ordered. It may work for field peas or ravioli, but not for seafood.

Your local fish market can order them fresh, but they are pricy.

Secondly, they are easily overcooked. Scallops should be quickly seared in a hot skillet, never cooked through. Vestige gets it right every time. I love that place.