Coast Cooking

Try this cool weather favorite take out

Today is the last day of a week in which I have been blogging about hearty foods that seem so delicious when the weather turns cool.

I am going to throw a bit of a curve ball to you today, and I am not going to discuss a recipe, but a prepared food you are going to love.

The Lee International Market on Division Street in Biloxi has a master roaster on staff and on Friday or Saturday he does some amazing things in his huge roasting oven.

The offerings are not always the same, but you might see Peking duck, red roasted Chinese-style pork, quail, chicken and a handful of things you might not recognize.

But my favorite is crispy pork.

When you walk into Lee’s (and I sure hope you are visiting this international grocery store often) turn to the right, and you will see a large Plexiglas display case.

If you are in luck you will see half a pig hanging there. The skin is as crispy as cracklings, the meat is moist and delicious.

Ask for some dipping sauce to go with the pound or two of cut up crispy pork you order. You will be glad you did.

Also check out the produce section in this store, many vegetables are locally grown.