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Stuffed pasta warms my heart

Stuffed pasta is a great dish to keep you warm.
Stuffed pasta is a great dish to keep you warm. Special to the Sun Herald

One of the most popular cool-weather dishes is stuffed pasta.

It doesn’t matter if it is cannelloni, ravioli, manicotti or tortellini (the Italians have almost 20 types of pasta they stuff), people just love it.

Whether to use homemade pasta or dried is a dilemma you must face.

Homemade is much more delicate and much more difficult to make.

I know of just two local places that make their own from scratch and that is Stalla at the Beau Rivage and Canella in Bay St Louis.

It is best to leave the choice of fresh vs. dried to you.

But, the filling? That is pretty simple in most cases. A longtime favorite is ground pork loaded with onions and garlic and lots of fresh herbs.

Cover in a homemade red sauce, lots of Italian cheese and a little béchamel if you like and bake. This dish will go well with a nice Italian red wine, such as Sangiovese and some crusty bread for dipping.