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Bánh mi is a great sandwich-like dish worth trying

Bahn mi are delicious Vietnamese style French sandwiches
Bahn mi are delicious Vietnamese style French sandwiches Special to the Sun Herald

Wednesday’s blog entry was about pho, the delicious soup that can be found at local Vietnamese restaurants.

It is a part of this week’s blog posts about the cultural diversity that can be found in Gulf Coast restaurants. It is a delicious choice, and I encourage you to give it a try.

Another offering you might like to try is what is mistakenly called a Vietnamese style po-boy, or more properly bánh mi.

It is a sandwich-like dish made with crusty French bread and other ingredients, such as pâté, Chinese-style roasted red pork, Vietnamese-style sandwich meats and lots more stuffed inside.

I never met a banh mi that I did not like. You can be sure the Vietnamese did not borrow this idea from New Orleans, the reputed home of the po-boy.

Vietnam was a colony of France for many years, and Frenchmen are known for sticking almost anything in between a sliced open baguette.

You didn’t really think that the pâté you got in your last banh mi was a local invention, did you?

The Vietnamese have done a wonderful job of adding French touches to their national cuisine, if you have not already done so, give bánh mi a try.