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South Mississippi may not have a lot of babecue joints but they are good

Brisket sandwiches are a staple of barbecue joints.
Brisket sandwiches are a staple of barbecue joints. Special to the Sun Herald

This week I’m blogging about barbecue and man do I wish I could name off a long list of great barbecue places on the Coast. The Shed serves award-winning whole-hog barbecue, Pleasants in Ocean Springs is good, as is Murky Waters, Santa Cruz Grill and Slapp Yo Momma, but after that I have to start scratching my head and think.

I am sorry if I left your favorite place out, I am not trying to present a definitive list, just making the point that in an area that boasts hundreds of restaurants, the barbecue category is lacking in number even if the quality is superb.

We have nothing like the numbers in the towns in North Mississippi. Often the only advertisement they have is a plume of hickory smoke that wafts across the highway, and if you are hungry for barbecue, nothing can make you slam on the brakes faster than that smell.

The best places always have falling-apart brisket, and other than eating it neat, just by itself with a little sauce, the next best way is in a sandwich loaded with slices of fatty, well-sauced meat. If you want to go all out, like they do in Memphis, add a big dollop of homemade coleslaw. Now you are on a roll.