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Barbecued sausage, Mmm! Mmm!

Barbecued sausage is a personal favorite of mine.
Barbecued sausage is a personal favorite of mine. Special to the Sun Herald

There is one last category of barbecue that is near and dear to my heart and that is sausage.

My love of sausage is a lifelong weakness, and I have hardly ever met a sausage I did not admire.

Please know I am not talking about those processed hotdog like things some grocery stores sell.

They have the consistency of cheap bologna and should hardly be included in the category.

A great sausage should be coarse ground, a bit spicy and seriously smoky.

If you find a good one at a barbecue place, and have the good fortune also to fined smoked macaroni and cheese there, then you are in for a treat that will be long-remembered.

The Firefly Inn in Gulfport had the best smoked macaroni and cheese I have ever had, and I pine to this day that it is no more.

A bite of smoked macaroni and cheese, a bit of smoked sausage … please don’t stop now.