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Pulled pork deserves a crunchy pickle on the side

Pulled pork goes well with a pickle on the side.
Pulled pork goes well with a pickle on the side. Special to the Sun Herald

The focus of this week’s blog entries will be what is perhaps among the South’s most famous culinary contributions, barbecue.

If you are a barbecue aficionado, you know the basic categories are styles from Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, St. Louis, Carolina and some would include Alabama.

What about the Gulf Coast?

The Shed has made a big impact in barbecue on the Coast, but the Gulf Coast has never been a barbecue stronghold.

Years ago there was Anjac’s in Gulfport, but it has passed on. The Firefly Inn made a valiant go of it in Gulfport a while back, and even though the food was good, it didn’t make it.

Today, I’ll focus on what seems an almost mandatory side on a good plate of barbecue almost anywhere in the South, the homemade pickle.

The tart sourness of a great pickle (no limp pickles need apply), along with a good crunch is a good contrast to the salty and smoky flavor of barbecue.

Sadly, no one ever did it better than the now defunct Firefly Inn, and it is even a great pity that I haven’t found a place that makes a comparable pickle.

Any ideas? Nothing goes better with a little pulled pork than a crunchy, tangy pickle and oh how I miss you, my little green friend.