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Meatloaf makes the Top 10 diner food list

Meatloaf, if well-made, can be delicious.
Meatloaf, if well-made, can be delicious. Special to the Sun Herald

A classic diner special that has to make the Top 10 list of meat loaf.

It too comes in a variety of guises and varies of awful to delicious.

A French friend once made one for me that was particularly memorable.

She rolled out seasoned ground beef, then stuffed it with ham, cheese and asparagus.

Then rolled it into a cylinder, coated it in a tomato glaze and baked it.

When it was done and cut into thick slices, the cheese melted out, the ham was fragrant and salty and the asparagus just right.

If you were in the military you might remember or shudder at the memory of the sheet pan meatloaf they made once a week at the mess hall.

If you were starving it served it purpose, but otherwise it fell into the category of gut-bomb.

Use good quality beef, season well, and don’t forget the fresh herbs, lots of bread crumbs and add just about any cheese and vegetable you like, and finally, and most importantly, don’t overcook it. Be careful and take it step by step and you will find some measure of success.