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Blue plate specials from Southern diner menus

Hamburger steak leads the list of classic dinner food.
Hamburger steak leads the list of classic dinner food. Special to the Sun Herald

This week I will focus this blog on classic Southern diner food.

As is always, the proper execution of the recipe makes all the difference. Use cheap products, don’t take your time to get it right, and you will be disappointed.

The first classic diner special on the week’s blog menu is perhaps one of the best, the hamburger steak, that is, if you are a fan of the genre.

To get this dish right, use good quality beef, seasoned well, and a gas-fired grill. If you are cooking this special on a greasy flat-top griddle, then all is lost.

The second requirement is that the gravy be homemade. If you are buying a canned gravy, woe be to you. One bite and anyone with a pallet of any distinction can pick it out at once. Bummer!

So combine a good grilled hamburger steak, copious amounts of homemade gravy, and don’t forget the homemade lumpy mashed potatoes, and you have a winner. The Ole Biloxi Fillin’ Station has a hamburger steak as their Wednesday special and it is good.