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Try cooking your own cornish game hen sous vide style

Roasted game hen by Chef Paola Bugli.
Roasted game hen by Chef Paola Bugli. Special to the Sun Herald

Cornish game hen is another one of those delicious dishes that we for some reason only enjoy on special occasions. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Chef Paola Bugli of the Beau Rivage’s Stalla has a game hen on the menu that is really good.

Bugli uses an immersion circulator to cook her hens, but you can slow-roast them at very low temperature for an approximate rendering of this dish if you are not into sous vide.

But then again, if you are a serious foodie and don’t have an immersion circulator (a kitchen gadget used to cook in the sous vide style), you don’t know what you are missing. Take the plunge.

Here are the basics. Brine game hens in salted water for six hours. If you want to add a few aromatics such as juniper seeds, that’s fine. Remove, drain and then stuff with rosemary and a bay leaf.

If you are using an immersion circulator, seal in an air-tight bag, set the temperature at 65 C and sous vide for six hours.

Remove and brown in an extremely hot oven or with a rotisserie over a wood fire. Serve at once.