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Try serving clams over pasta with this recipe

Pasta and clams in wine sauce classy and delicious.
Pasta and clams in wine sauce classy and delicious. Special to the Sun Herald

Clams and pasta just may be one of the most delicious seafood and pasta combinations ever.

In days gone by this dish would not have been a good idea in the Deep South, as fresh clams or mussels were not available.

Making this dish with canned clams is not the same thing, and should be attempted only as a last, desperate resort. But times do change.

Today most of the big box grocery stores have clams or mussels on ice in the seafood department. The results are worth the gamble.

This dish really is about as simple as you can get. Sauté a little diced garlic in butter, add a cup or so of a good, dry (never sweet) white wine, add the clams, turn up to high and cover until all the clams have opened.

Any obstinate clam that refuses to open his shell met his demise before you started cooking and should be discarded.

Cook the pasta, according to package directions, drain and then toss in the clams and sauce.

Add a nice bunch of fresh, chopped basil and serve at once. If you are a thoughtful cook, you can serve the same wine you cooked with, but if you have done this on the cheap, and the wine you cooked with it is not fit for human sipping, you are just going to have to open another bottle.