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Be brave in your selection of cheese for your cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers are better than plain burgers.
Cheeseburgers are better than plain burgers. JULIAN BRUNT

It’s burger week again! To be more specific, its cheeseburgers I will be blogging about.

I have nothing against a plan burger, but you know it is, well, just plan. Why not add what is arguably the most important ingredient after the meat patty? Cheese!

If you grew up in the American South, the cheese of choice your mom put on your burgers was a processed American cheese-like product, but cheese? Sorry, it isn’t even close.

Today there is no excuse! Almost every big box grocery store has a pretty decent selection of good cheeses, both domestic and imported.

So what cheese is the best to adorn your burger? There is no correct answer. It is a personal choice, but I hope it is a choice based on experience and not whim. Go to the cheese counter and take a long look.

There will almost certainly be a domestic cheddar, and it will almost always be a good choice and an affordable choice as well. But look a little harder.

What do you see? An Italian buffalo milk mozzarella, a stinky blue, like Maytag, maybe a white Irish cheddar and if you are very lucky, a Swiss or French gruyere: all are great choices. Just be brave, try a new cheese and expand your culinary horizons.