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Quest for the perfect summer burger

Nothing compares to cheeseburgers
Nothing compares to cheeseburgers Julian Brunt

The perfect summertime burger?

You knew I couldn’t resist, didn’t you? It has been months since I even brought up cheeseburgers, but you just might have guessed that the image of that perfect summertime burger has been floating around my head, like the proverbial sugar plums for months.

Is it a weakness, disability or affliction, or is it just the appreciation of one of the finest culinary inventions to come out of this great country?

I say the latter. What could be better than a well thought-out burger? Using the best-quality ingredients, a smoking-hot fire and tried-and-true technique, nothing compares to you, it’s been so lonely without you, nothing compares to you!

Sorry to get lyrical on you, but it just can’t be helped.

Do you recall the much-repeated refrain of Popeye’s friend, Wimpy? “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today?” It is an indication of the passion America has had for burgers for generations. Nothing lasts that long if it isn’t just delicious.

This week I will be blogging about burgers — nothing but burgers. Cheeseburgers, loaded burgers, sloppy burgers and more. If you share my passion for burgers, chime in. What is your favorite recipe? What is your favorite burger joint?