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Fish cakes — yes, fish cakes — are a delicious thing

Fish cakes are a great way to enjoy fish.
Fish cakes are a great way to enjoy fish. Special to the Sun Herald

Today is the last entry in this week of blogging about local fish, and I just can’t think of a less-utilized application of fish than fish cakes.

Fish cakes you say?

Sure, why not?

Crab cakes are universally loved, and you might have seen shrimp cakes, so why not take delicious lumps of tender fish, add a few seasonings and a bit of mayonnaise, then fry in butter. It is really that simple.

The type of fish will make a difference. This is not an application for tuna, trout, flounder or any fish that is a little on the delicate side, as far as texture goes.

It needs to be a fish that will fall into nice flakes when cooked, so try to find an extra fresh red fish, snapper, or even a lemon fish. As I have stated every day this week, please do not overcook the fish.

You do not have to cook it in butter. If you are trying to be healthy consider steaming the fish.

The last suggestion is not to over-blend the mixture. Combine finely diced onion, green onions, diced bell pepper and best quality mayonnaise.

If the mixture seems too dense, or does not form easily into cakes, add bread crumbs. Serve with brown butter, more of that good mayonnaise you used, mixed with a little fresh basil or other herb. If you insist, try a classic sauce such as hollandaise.

Serve at once, with a cold glass of white wine.