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Try using that fish filet in fish tacos

A fish taco is every bit as good as a shrimp taco.
A fish taco is every bit as good as a shrimp taco. Special to the Sun Herald

As I blogged about Monday, whole fish is not often served in these parts – and what a pity.

That said, there are plenty of applications for fish filets. Sautéed, grilled or baked the filet can be delicious if it is not overcooked.

It should be moist and tender inside, never dry. If your filet is dry and overcooked give it to the cat, but chances are your cat won’t eat it either!

One of my favorite ways of using boneless fish is in a taco.

Just like its much-loved cousin, the shrimp taco, the fish variety is delicious and adaptable. Go to your local fish market, pick up a few filets and almost any fish will do: grouper, lemon fish, flounder, trout or even farm-raised Mississippi cat fish all work well.

Sauté gently in butter after dusting in flour and seasoning, brown, then add to a tortilla and top with your best coleslaw, salsa or just a typical garnish of tomato and lettuce. Please remember to serve at once.