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Crab meat salad makes a great summertime meal

A crab meat salad makes a delightful summer time meal.
A crab meat salad makes a delightful summer time meal. Special to the Sun Herald

Crab meat is easily compromised or masked by covering up its delicate, sweet flavor with overpowering seasoning.

If you have shelled out close to $30 for a pint of jumbo lump crab meat the last thing you want to do is degrade the delicate, sublime flavor you paid so dearly for.

As in the previous crab recipes we discussed in this week’s blog, what you are trying to do is enhance the flavors of the crab, so a light touch is essential, and a crab salad is the perfect vehicle to achieve the desired results.

Avoid heavy or strong herbs, seasonings or other ingredients. Cayenne pepper? No way! Big chunks of red onion? Absolutely not! Go for a hint of lemon, just a hint! A good homemade mayonnaise will also work just fine but remember it should be more garnish-like. You are not making egg salad.

Fresh herbs also will be your friend when making a fresh crab salad, but rely on the principle discussed above, use just a hint. Do remember that presentation is important here. Don’t just slap a scoop of your beautiful crab salad on a plate — use a martini glass or other suitable container.