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Try shrimp with yellow squash

Shrimp and yellow squash with peas and cornbread.
Shrimp and yellow squash with peas and cornbread. Special to the Sun Herald

Today is the last day, at least for a while, that I am blogging about shrimp.

I hope you are visiting your local fish seller, or perhaps a local harbor where you can buy directly off a shrimp boat, but whatever your source (as long as it is fresh), fresh caught shrimp is a luxury that most people in other parts of the nation would be jubilant over if they had the chance.

Recently I have seen large shrimp, 16-20 count, for around $5 a pound. Take advantage of it.

Here is one last recipe I hope you will give a try. It is as old-school as you can get.

I bet you won’t find this recipe on any local restaurant menu. But it is delicious. It is shrimp and yellow squash, and it is a fantastic combination. All you have to do is add a little garlic and a bit of ham or bacon, and then serve with cornbread and peas.

My friend Malcolm White introduced me to this recipe, but he steadfastly stands by his guns and insists that there is no recipe. Just add the correct amount (your opinion) of each ingredient, cook gently and don’t forget to use local butter and don’t overcook the shrimp.

Remember a recipe is just a suggestion, so add and taste. Then adjust, taste and repeat as necessary. No foolin’.