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Try these tips to perfect your fried shrimp

Shrimp should never be fried too long.
Shrimp should never be fried too long. Special to the Sun Herald

Perhaps you are getting fatigued with my going on and on about fried foods.

My diet is, amazingly, pretty healthy (I have lost 35 pounds in the past few months).

But this week I am blogging about shrimp season and all the good things you can do with this Gulf Coast delicacy.

Naturally, I cannot toss this subject around without exploring methods of frying.

Below are a few tips, try them and I think you will agree they make a substantial difference in the quality of your finished product.

▪ Let the shrimp approach room temperature before frying. Dumping icebox cold shrimp into hot oil is not a good idea.

▪ Never overcrowd the pot with shrimp, and never fill the pot more than half way full of oil.

▪ Never, never overcook shrimp. One minute is all it takes if you have gotten everything else right.

The principle behind good deep frying is that foods are best deep fried at a constant and high temperature.

If you let the temperature of the oil drop, what you are cooking will absorb too much oil. Fast, hot cooking ensures done, not overdone shrimp that is tender, not tough.