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Roasted oysters are a thing of delight

Oysters work very well on an extremely hot grill.
Oysters work very well on an extremely hot grill. SPECIAL TO THE SUN HERALD

We are having fun with oysters this week, even if they are out of season. Check out your fish seller and you will be sure to find a few sacks left and plenty that have been saved in plastic containers, along with lots of the delicious liquor.

We have explored raw oysters, deep-fried and served as a po-boy and in a gumbo with braised duck.

What’s next? How about roasted? This recipe is not for home application, as it requires an extremely hot oven, far hotter than most home ovens can get. Think of a pizza oven, OK?

Oysters can be roasted in nothing more than their own liquor and are just delicious that way but you can also jazz them up a bit if you like.

Other ingredients that can be added, lumped all together or just the ones you carve include, butter, minced garlic, cilantro, cayenne, Parmesan cheese (the real stuff only), bread crumbs, a dribble of best-quality olive oil and lemon juice. Just don’t overdo it and completely cover up the wonderful flavor of the oyster. What a disappointment that would be.