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A jelly-roll will hit the sweet spot


Special to the Sun Herald

A fresh, hot jelly roll is hard to beat.
A fresh, hot jelly roll is hard to beat.

This week I’m blogging about desserts.

The Coast is virtually covered up with places that offer great desserts, so your options are vast.

 As I written earlier in the week, my preference is for house-made desserts. Wednesday we explored hand-piped cannoli. Wow! Not much could be better. But several weeks ago I did a story and interview on French Kiss Pastries in Ocean Springs.

While I was there (tough assignment that it was) one of the bakers offered me a wedge of just-out-of-the-oven, fresh strawberry-filled jelly roll. Wow, is just not enough! It was sensational, and being hot it was off the charts.

I told you Monday I don’t eat a lot of sweets, so the super sugar jolt I got from the jelly roll was numbing. I stumbled around for 20 minutes before it wore off, but all I could think of was more. More was not offered, lucky for me, but at the time I wanted it like I haven’t wanted anything in a long, long time.

What is it about that magical combination of sweetness and something dough like that makes it so irresistible?