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One of my favorite desserts: Ice cream!


Special to the Sun Herald

Ice cream is a favorite dessert.
Ice cream is a favorite dessert.

This week I’m taking you on a sweet trip by blogging about sweet -- that is sweet as in dessert sweet -- options that we have to explore on the Coast.

As a kid, one of my favorites was banana ice cream. I was not fond of turning the crank on the ice cream machine, which was the task I was required to perform if I wanted ice cream, but as difficult as it was, it was worth every sweet turn of the crank. Especially this time of the year, ice cream can be magical.

Monday, I mentioned Cannella in Bay St Louis as a great spot for homemade desserts. Not only is the cannoli very, very good, but the homemade gelato is also the other side of wonderful.

I am often asked what my favorite restaurants are, and to be fair to my restaurant friends, I have to ask what kind of restaurant you are looking for to answer the question correctly. It would not be fair to compare a pizza place with a Korean spot, right?

But there is one thing all of my favorites have in common, and that is that the food they serve is made from scratch.

If you see one of the big shipper’s trucks pull up to a restaurant, it is not on my list of the best. Sorry, but that is just the way it is. But at Cannella, absolutely everything is made from scratch -- from the pasta to the gelato.

Lots of places serve ice cream, and commercially made ice cream, such as Häagen-Dazs, can be good, but search out the places that are making it themselves and you will be richly rewarded . What’s your favorite?