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Plenty of great pastry shops on the Coast


Special to the Sun Herald

There are plenty of good pastry shops along the Coast.
There are plenty of good pastry shops along the Coast.

I am working with a handicap this week. I plan to blog about desserts, you know, pastries, but I just don’t “do” sweets.

There is seldom even any sugar in my house, much less cookies and ice cream. If you have a sweet tooth, it probably sounds weird to you, but it is just a survival technique for me.

I love sweets of all kinds, but a love as deep as mine can lead to problems. It’s kind of like an alcoholic, I can’t have just one, so more often than not, I don’t have any.

Recently, however, I have visited a few places that specialize in sweets, or at least do a bang up job on that part of the menu. French Kiss (locations in Ocean Springs, the Edgewater Mall, Long Beach and Gulfport) makes the case. Owner Jacque Ladnier is a master at her trade and is a pastry chef, even if she doesn’t like the title.

Cannella in Bay St Louis also has some amazing sweets, and once you try their cannoli your life will change. The pastry chef at the Beau is amazing, as is the bakery at Boomtown. Have you tried the popsicles at Pop Brothers in Gulfport? Wow, so much goodness in such a small place.

The list of places with interesting sweets on the Coast is way too long to run through here, but if you have a weakness for all things sweet, get out there and explore.