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Rice grits will rock your shrimp-and-grits world


Special to the Sun Herald

Rice grits will rock your shrimp-and-grits world.
Rice grits will rock your shrimp-and-grits world.

This week I am blogging about Mississippi-grown rice, specifically rice grown by Mississippi Blues Rice Farm in the Delta, which is available at the Ocean Springs Fresh Market and Long Beach Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Mississippi Blues Rice Farm makes rice grits that you really should try. If you are a fan of shrimp and grits, your world will change when you make it with rice grits, which are creamer and create a different consistency, almost risotto like.

Make each component of this dish separately, first the rice grits, just follow the recipe on the package.

Next sauté onion, bell peppers and garlic, adding the garlic last, season with red pepper flakes. Sauté the shrimp, well-seasoned with Tony’s, in clarified butter (using clarified butter allows you to cook at a higher temperature without burning the butter). If you want to add a pork component, that would be fine. Small dice sausage or ham and sauté until brown. Now combine everything, just make sure to add the shrimp on top, like a garnish. Serve at once.