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Peppers can be put to use in many ways


Special to the Sun Herald

Peppers are great summer vegetables.
Peppers are great summer vegetables.

I’m blogging this week about summer vegetables, and today it is the spicy pepper. Whether it is the mild bell pepper, the somewhat spicier jalapeño or the volcanic Scotch bonnet, peppers should have an established niche in your kitchen.

Some peppers lend themselves to being stuffed and baked or even deep-fried. A bell pepper stuffed with a mixture of spicy ground pork, veggies and rice can be a thing of wonder. Several local restaurants (notably Bacchus) stuff jalapeños, wrap them in bacon and deep fry them.

Something else that you might keep in mind, is a small amount of finely diced hot pepper can make a rather mundane recipe come alive. Tomato sauce for pasta, pimento and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich and even Southern-style peas and beans, all get major booths when given a spicy pepper hit.

But a word or two of caution. If you chop hot peppers don’t touch your face or other sensitive areas, until you wash your hands. If you remove the seeds and membrane of a pepper, you will reduce its caustic abilities.