Coast Cooking

Make your own enchiladas — the possibilities are virtually endless


Special to the Sun Herald

Chef Sarah Cromier, who is the room chef at Coast Restaurant in the Beau Rivage, came to the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center’s Lunch and Learn program last year and made enchiladas.

They were stunningly good, and I would be hard pressed to reproduce them, but the basic idea of stuffing fresh tortillas with something good and covering it in sauce, lots of cheese and baking it is straight forward.

The list of good things you can stuff into a tortilla is almost endless. Chicken is always good, but if you are wise, and visit La Nortena (Porter Avenue in Biloxi) on the weekend and score some roasted beef cheeks, you will be in for a great treat.

Beef cheek tortillas can be amazingly good with the right sauce. A fortified beef stock (thickened), a hearty cheese and some saluted vegetables makes a great sauce, but chunky tomato sauce is a good choice, too.

Be creative and stuff tortillas with something good, and make sure to visit La Nortena.