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Shrimp and pasta is another delicious Italian paring


Special to the Sun Herald

Shrimp and pasta is a great idea.
Shrimp and pasta is a great idea.

Shrimp and pasta is another simple and delicious Italian recipe. The Italians would use scampi, plural of the Italian scampo, a more lobster like crustacean than our lovely Gulf shrimp, but shrimp will do nicely.   

Perhaps the most difficult part of this recipe is to decide whether to use a few chopped tomatoes, or just leave it a lovely butter and wine sauce. The worst possible mistake you can make is to overcook the shrimp, next on the no-no list is to overcook the pasta, otherwise this is simple stuff.

Saute some finely chopped onions in butter, some chopped tomatoes if you like, add bell peppers, too, and some garlic.

Take your time and make sure the veggies are tender, but the garlic is not burned (burn the garlic and all is lost). Cook the pasta al dente and set aside.

Add the shrimp to the butter, with a splash of white wine, and cook at a brisk simmer for one minute. Add the pasta, toss and serve at once.