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How to make some tasty meatballs


Special to the Sun Herald

Meatballs that stand alone.
Meatballs that stand alone.

Never, never go into an Italian place and ask for meatballs and spaghetti.

Italians would never serve the two together; separately they are fine, but not together.

The meatballs would be simmered in sauce, then the pasta would be served with that sauce (minus the meatballs), but just enough to lightly coat the pasta.

It would never be served like the soup most Americans are used to. This course is called primo. The meatballs would be served in the next course, called secondo.

So how do you make good meatballs? It is pretty simple. Sauté onions, bell pepper and garlic season aggressively with freshly ground black pepper, a little salt and a big handful of chopped fresh basil.

Please feel free to add as much Parmesan Reggiano as you like. Now add a combination of ground pork and beef, then a cup or two of panko bread crumbs (soak in a little milk first), or white bread that has been torn into small pieces.

Combine everything, sauté in olive oil until well-browned and then add to your favorite tomato sauce recipe. Simmer until done. Serve with lots more Parmesan Reggiano.