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Ribollita is a simpe Stalla-style Italian favorite


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Ribollita is a simple Italian soup that is easy to make.
Ribollita is a simple Italian soup that is easy to make.

Stalla-style Italian food is the subject of this week’s blog entries.

Stalla is the Italian place at the Beau Rivage Casino and Resort in Biloxi.

I had the pleasure last week of interviewing Chef Paula Bugli, room chef-- that’s casino talk for executive chef -- at Stalla. It was a delightful experience.

Italian food can be rustic, simple and delicious, and Bugli has a world of experience in that culinary style. Check out the Stalla menu to see what I mean.

Ribollita, is a simple bread soup that may be at the top of the rustic list.

It is one of those dishes that doesn’t really require a recipe, just a good suggestion or two.

Sauté lots of vegetables (onion, celery and garlic) in olive oil, add lots of tomatoes, maybe some stock and cubed day-old bread. Remember to season as you go using salt, pepper and lots of fresh herbs, such as oregano, or basil. Some people like to add greens, such as cabbage or kale. Simmer until all the ingredients come together and serve hot with a good Italian red wine.