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I always order the seafood platter, and here’s why


Special to the Sun Herald

A fried seafood platter gives you a taste of it all.
A fried seafood platter gives you a taste of it all.

I hope you don’t mind, but this week’s blog posts will focus on Southern down-home favorites but with Coast flair. Every picture from this week’s blog will be from a prominent Coast restaurant. But you are going to have to guess which image, goes with which eatery.

Let’s start with one of my favorites. When I was a kid, having fresh seafood was a rare event, so when we did go to a seafood restaurant, treat that it was, I always got the fried seafood platter. The reason was simple: I got to taste a little bit of everything.

Back then the experts hadn’t figured out that frying was supposed to be so bad for you, a point I still contest, but with a caveat: it has to be done right. What does right mean? Simple! Use plenty of clean oil, correct temperature control, never overcrowding the pot, never overcooking the seafood, and using the freshest seafood possible.

Add a little tartar sauce and a fresh, quartered lemon to that seafood patter, and you have something really fine.