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The Modern American cooking style, makes use of French sauces


Special to the Sun Herald

Grilled beef with chive smoked butter sauce.
Grilled beef with chive smoked butter sauce.

This week I’ve been blogging about traditional, French-influenced sauces, such as classic hollandaise or béarnaise.

They are the sauces you find in most upscale restaurants, but there is a new cooking style that is making waves.

Some call this new way Modern American, and it is epitomized by Chef Thomas Keller and his famed French Laundry Restaurant in Yountville, Calif., just in case you want to look into it.

There isn’t space to go into the nuances of the style here, but trends such as farm-to-table, and an insistence on fresh and best quality ingredients are important.

The sauces you will find at restaurants that claim to be Modern American will bear little resemblance to what you are used to. Look for vegetable purees that will be vibrant in color and flavor. The best examples locally can be found at Vestige in Ocean Springs and Corks and Cleaver in Gulfport.

In the picture included here Chef Alex Perry of Vestige, prepared a beef dish and paired it with onion confit and chive smoked butter sauce. Check out the new wave of young chefs that are making such drastic changes in America’s culinary scene.