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No shortage of pizza choices when it comes to lunch on the Coast


Special to the Sun Herald

Sicilian II makes a great from-scratch pizza.
Sicilian II makes a great from-scratch pizza.

Today is the last day of a week of this blog exploring great places to eat lunch on the Coast.

There are hundreds of restaurants in the four Coastal counties, and many dozens that offer a great lunch.

If you are in the mood for pizza, even if you exclude the chains, you will have a difficult time making a choice.

From Tony’s Brick Oven in Gulfport, Sal and Mookies in Biloxi and Leo’s Wood Fried Pizza in Ocean springs, and lots of other places in-between, such as Brooklyn Pizza.

But for me, Sicilian II in Biloxi is the first to come to mind.

There are two reasons that the Sicilian stands out, and that is that he makes everything by hand and from scratch.

Their Italian sausage is homemade, as is their ricotta cheese, and most importantly, the dough.

It is a secret recipe that involves a large mixer and Chef Hristo Drakopoulos, and no one else, don’t even ask for this recipe.

The recipes for his sauce, and most of the other dishes, are family recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

When you order a pizza at the Sicilian II, the pie is formed by hand, no machines used, the toppings are generous, the ingredients are of the best quality, and it goes into a 700-degree oven for just about 7 minutes, and it’s done, and whisked to your table.

Best pizza I’ve ever had, hands down! Make sure to try the Sicilian II’s favorite.