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Biloxi Lugger serves up old-school favorites


Special to the Sun Herald

Fish tacos served at the Biloxi Lugger.
Fish tacos served at the Biloxi Lugger.

So if lunch is on your mind and you are in the mood for something a bit old school, but innovative as well, just where the heck should you go?

There are a few restaurants that fit that bill, but if you are feeling nostalgic for old Biloxi and wouldn’t mind sitting on a covered deck, with a great view of the Biloxi Bay (Yeah, I know, Back Bay to most of you), then the Biloxi Lugger would be a good choice.

With as much as the Lugger has to offer, it is a good and wise choice.

Chef Sam Powell is cooking these days at the Lugger. He is a Biloxi boy, by the way, and he is putting out some good eats, but the fish tacos are one of my favorites.

The Lugger is famous for its insistence on using fresh, and as much local seafood as possible, and the fish tacos are at the top of my list.

Fresh fish, fried just right, lots of veggie toppings, and all the mayonnaise you want, all in a soft tortilla. Now that’s a serious lunch. Take the drive and enjoy great Biloxi traditions, and a view that no other place has.