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Italian pizza is a totally different experience from American pizza


Special to the Sun Herald

Use fresh homemade ingredients for a really good pizza.
Use fresh homemade ingredients for a really good pizza.

This is the last entry in my week of blogging about Italian-American cuisine, and what better subject than pizza?

Please be assured that the pizza you will get in Italy is a different than most of the pizzas you call out for to have delivered to your door.

My guess is that what Americans want and what Italians serve just might very well be completely different things. So what do you look for in great, American-made pizza? That’s an easy question to answer. Look for as much made from scratch, truly homemade ingredients as you can.

This week you might have noticed that I have mentioned the Sicilian II in Biloxi every day. Chef Hristo Drakopoulos, who is the owner and chef there, has some significant health problems, and I ask you to visit their Facebook page to see how you can help.

But Sicilian II also has some of the best pizza I have ever had. They make your pizza to order using a premeasured hunk of dough from the refrigerator.

Much of it is made from scratch. The dough is homemade, so is the Italian sausage, the sauce recipe is a family secret, even the ricotta cheese is homemade. 

Homemade in any recipe is almost always better than pre made bulk supplies, and all the best Coast restaurants are fanatical about using homemade, made from scratch, ingredients.