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Try a Mediterranean salad


Special to the Sun Herald

A Mediterranean salad hits the spot.
A Mediterranean salad hits the spot.

We are visiting the exciting world of Mediterranean cuisine this week, more specifically Italian -- inspired by the Sicilian II Restaurant in Biloxi.

You may not think of salad when you think of Italian, but I can think of few salads that can compare with a fresh salad, loaded with the fruits of that sunny land.

Forget the green stuff for this salad. Imagine a salad loaded with spicy pepperoncini peppers, big cubes of feta cheese (a Greek-brined cheese made with sheep’s milk), thin sliced onion, fresh red tomatoes, lots of olives, a good sprinkle of oregano, and a liberal slosh of your best olive oil.

Now that’s a salad worth making and devouring.

Pair this delicious salad with a good Italian red wine, and you are in for a treat. Make sure to serve it with a nice loaf of locally made, crusty French bread.

Try that recipe, or visit Sicilian II, 1670, Pass Road, Biloxi and try their dish. In the meantime, Chef Hristo Drakopoulos of Sicilian II in Biloxi has recently been diagnosed with serious medical problems. Visit the Sicilian II Facebook page to see how you can help.