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Try making your own lasagna, inspired by Biloxi’s Sicilian II restaurant


Special to the Sun Herald

Homemade lasagna is a thing of beauty.
Homemade lasagna is a thing of beauty.

This blog is going Italian this week, more specifically, Italian inspired by Chef Hristo Drakopoulos, of Sicilian II in Biloxi.

This relatively new restaurant is creating quite a stir with its made-from-scratch menu. This restaurant shares a common element with all the top restaurants I recommend, and that is almost everything served is homemade.

Big shippers offer a short cut that many restaurants find irresistible and that translates to savings in prep time and price, but it cannot match the quality of homemade offerings.

One of my favorite Italian dishes is homemade lasagna. The best recipes are a bit complicated, but the difference is remarkable.

What makes the difference is the layering of ingredients. Use Italian sausage and ground pork or beef. Use your favorite red sauce recipe, but also use a béchamel sauce (1/4 cup flour, 4 cups milk). Use canned whole tomatoes, and fresh-diced tomatoes. Get the picture? Also use dried oregano and fennel.

Try that recipe, you’re sure to like it, or visit Sicilian II, 1670, Pass Road, Biloxi and try their dish. In the meantime, Drakopoulos has recently been diagnosed with serious medical problems. Visit the Sicilian II Facebook page to see how you can help.