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Try some roasted tomatoes on your biscuits


Special to the Sun Herald

Try some roasted tomatoes on your biscuit.
Try some roasted tomatoes on your biscuit.

I can’t think of anything as Southern as a well-made biscuit.  I also can’t think of a place that makes a better biscuit than the Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs.

 The biscuits there are crunchy, what a delight. Never again will I get excited about a cake-like biscuit, even if loaded with melted butter and sorghum molasses.

Another wonderful thing that the ladies at the Greenhouse do occasionally is to serve their biscuits with roasted tomatoes. The roasting intensifies the tomato flavor, and it is a thing of wonder. Is it a complicated recipe? Hardly!

Take as many sweet cherry tomatoes as you can lay your hands on, cut them in half, slosh on a fair amount of olive oil, season sparingly with salt and pepper, and roast in a quick oven until tender, concentrated and delicious. If you keep them in a sealed jar, with plenty of olive oil, they will last a good long while.