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Garlic-roasted pork makes great tacos


Special to the Sun Herald

Garlic-roasted pork makes great tacos.
Garlic-roasted pork makes great tacos.

The last taco idea we will explore this week is garlic-roasted pork tacos.

If you want to make the roasted pork for a Sunday dinner and use the leftovers for tacos, that would be just fine. But these tacos are good enough to go to the trouble and expense of making the pork just for tacos.

Buy a fatty pork roast. Make incisions in it with a sharp knife, and fill with garlic slivers, now season aggressively with Tony’s.

Roast at 350 f until it is cooked through and tender. Let the roast rest for 20 minutes, then shred the meat with a fork.

Make a nice salsa from tomatoes, onion and cucumber, then toss in a little olive oil. This taco also goes well with a spicy coleslaw. Stuff the tacos with the garlic pork, add the salsa and slaw, and a shot or two of Valentino hot sauce. Serve at once.