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Shrimp tacos, anyone?


Special to the Sun Herald

Shrimp tacos are simple to make.
Shrimp tacos are simple to make.

Another favorite taco is made with fresh, wild-caught Gulf shrimp.

Please never use imports.

All tacos are pretty simple, but this one just has three components: shrimp, salsa and guacamole. The shrimp are easy to cook, the two sauces are a bit more complicated, and you will be forgiven if you do not make them from scratch.  Do the best you can.

Season the shrimp with Tony’s or Old Bay. Get a heavy-bottom sauté pan screeching hot, add oil and cook the shrimp about 30 seconds on a side. Never overcook shrimp.

Remove, add to the tortilla of your choice, top with lots of salsa and guacamole. Add a little cheese if you like, unless, of course, you are an Italian. The Italians never mix seafood and cheese. This is a great taco to serve with a little black bean soup.