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Fish tacos are the latest twist on tacos


Special to the Sun Herald

Try some spicy fish tacos.
Try some spicy fish tacos.

This week’s blog topic, tacos!

The ubiquitous Mexican-style, hand-mobile, almost-sandwich that Tex-Mex took to different realms.

Who doesn’t like a good taco? Whether you like yours on a traditional yellow or white corn tortilla, a crispy-style American version or a soft taco, there is a world of things you can do with this delicious food idea.

In the old days, a taco was a tortilla filled with seasoned hamburger, lettuce and tomato, and a pretty simple hot sauce.

The latest version is the fish taco, which is a recipe that came from Baja California, Mexico, I am told, and what a good idea it is.

Use a not over-cooked filet of fish -- use anything from Mississippi catfish, to a locally caught filet of red fish -- well-seasoned, garnished with a spicy mayonnaise and all the veggies you like, and it will make for a delightful lunch. Try spicing your mayonnaise with chipotle peppers, or a good hot sauce, like Valentina. Talk about good!