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The best way to enjoy shrimp


Special to the Sun Herald

Fried shrimp.
Fried shrimp.

This week’s blog posts focused on seafood, and for the most part local seafood except for Thursday’s entry on salmon.

Today we’ll focus on brown shrimp that can be found just off our shores.

The season usually starts in June and lasts through the summer, but pre-frozen shrimp are available year round.

If you can get the frozen ones on the boat that caught them, they are pretty good. The best are shell-on. The mechanical process of blasting the shells off also seems to remove some of the flavor, or so I have been told.

So you have a pound or two of wild-caught Mississippi shrimp, what are you going to do with them?

Boiling them in a spicy bath, what the French would call a court-bouillon (coo-bee-on) is always a good idea.

You can put them in a stew or make a soup, such as a bisque, out of them. But my favorite way to prepare them is to fry them.

Toss the hand-peeled shrimp in dry tempura powder, season with Tony’s. Then, after they have become tacky, toss in panko. Fry in plenty of hot oil, not overcrowding the pot, and cook no more than one minute. Serve piping hot.