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Tuna is a great seafood choice


Special to the Sun Herald

Seared tuna.

Considering where we live, how can I possibly blog too much about seafood?

Our environment provides an abundance of delicious seafood, and we are doubly blessed to have a handful of fish markets where we can buy fresh seafood almost any day of the week.

Avoid frozen seafood, who knows how long it has been around? When you visit a seafood market, there is just one rule of thumb: smell it. If it smells like fish, avoid it, if it smells of the sea, then you are on to something good.

One of my favorite fish choices is tuna, and the Gulf is full of them. Remember tuna should not be cooked through and through. All it needs is a good sear. Nothing is as delicious, as devoid of fat and so full of healthy protein, as a tuna steak. Ask the fish seller to cut it about an inch thick.

Other than a few drops of olive oil, you do not need to season tuna . . . well, a pinch of pepper would be OK. Get your grill hot, add the filet or steak, wait just a minute or so, then turn it. You are looking for a good sear, so that the tuna is well-colored. Remove it, slice it, add a garnish of lemon, and you are on your way. If you insist on embellishment, add a few drops of sesame oil.