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Vietnamese spring rolls are healthy and delicious


Special to the Sun Herald

Vietnamese spring rolls with a dipping sauce.
Vietnamese spring rolls with a dipping sauce.

This week’s blog posts are focusing on the Vietnamese restaurant scene on the Gulf Coast.

There are at least half a dozen good choices, from Gulfport, to Biloxi, D’Iberville and Ocean Springs. Just pick one and give it a try.

The menus vary by restaurant, but almost all have Vietnamese-style spring rolls. Think of an egg roll but not fried. The wrapper is soft, made from a rice paper, so it is not crunchy, and it is just a bit chewy in a delightful way.

They are filled with boiled shrimp and a healthy mix of fresh, grated vegetables, such as lettuce, bean sprouts and mint leaves. Many restaurants serve spring rolls with a peanut sauce that is delicious.

This is finger food, so just pick the spring roll up with your fingers, give it a good dunk in the dipping sauce, and you are on your way.

Find a Vietnamese restaurant near you, go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The spring rolls can be had as an appetizer or as just a snack. Delicious and healthy. Sign me up!