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Pork chops are atop the list of good foods at Vietnamese restaurants


Special to the Sun Herald

Vietnamese pork chops are delicious.
Vietnamese pork chops are delicious.

The menus at some of the Vietnamese restaurants are ginormous -- pages and pages of delicious things to explore and enjoy.

Other menus are more circumspect, featuring just the best of the best. The pho may be the most famous dish, the sandwiches, banh mi, are exceptional, and I love all the clay pot dishes, especially the pork choice.

But also at the top of the list is the pork chops. You have never had a chop like this, and when accompanied with all the good things that wind up on the plate -- fresh veggies, such as sliced cucumbers and pickled daikon, the wow factor is huge. 

I am not quite sure exactly what it is that the Vietnamese chefs do to make their pork chops so delicious, but they are killer good. I know there is a marinade involved, and there is a sweet component. The sweet helps the chops to caramelize and become delicious beyond compare.