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A bowl of Vietnamese pho is good for the soul


Special to the Sun Herald

Pho is served steaming hot.
Pho is served steaming hot.

This week I plan to focus this blog on one of my favorite subjects, Vietnamese food.

It is a culinary blessing that we have so many good Vietnamese places on the Coast, including Henry’s Café and Bakery, Kim Long (Biloxi and Ocean Springs), Fortune Pho 75 and a few others as well.

Vietnamese cooking really among the world’s great cuisines. It is divided into three general categories, North, Central and South, but local restaurants serve a mixture from all three regions.

The Northern style of cooking is famous for pho, the clear broth beef noodle soup that is perhaps the icon of all things good to eat from this Southeast Asian country.

Man oh man, is it delicious.

Imagine a beautiful clear beef broth, slowly simmered for hours, tender rice noodles and thin slices of beef, added raw to the hot soup, so that they is perfectly cooked just as the huge bowl reaches the table.

On a chilly day, or on a day when you need a boost, this is just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps the best time is when you are suffering from a blue day, this dish will lift your spirits, give you a nutritious jump start and leave you feeling full, warm and content. Promise!