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Special to the Sun Herald

Good quality tea makes a difference.
Good quality tea makes a difference.

In the morning I can’t wait for that first cup of coffee, but a bit later in the day I turn into a tea man.

You just might guess that I am also proudly a tea snob. I won’t drink it when it comes from a tea bag. Tea bags are full of the broken leaves and discarded bits the tea processor can’t use for anything else.

There are hundreds of different types of tea, and most of the good ones come from China and India.

If you are interested in exploring this world check out Roy Fong’s Imperial Tea Palace on the internet and get a copy of one of my friend Norwood Pratt’s books on tea. Just Google his name and you will find four or five worth reading.

I am a fan of green tea, specifically Dragonwell, but I can’t always afford it. Perhaps you read my recent column on the Greenhouse on Porter. I am there almost every day and try to make it for 4 p.m. tea. They have a tea I am fond of called White Peony and it is just $3 a cup.

As with all good quality teas, the tea leaves can be re-infused several times. When you finish the first cup, just ask for a fill up, and in five minutes or so you will have a cup of tea just as lovely as the first.

Take the plunge, explore the world of tea and find one that suits you best. The trip may take a while, but once you have latched on to a tea that is just right for you, you will quickly become a fan.