Coast Cooking

The best cannoli and espresso around


Special to the Sun Herald

Sunday seems such a nice day to go for a ride, enjoy the beauty of our white sand beaches, or run north and take a look at the long leaf pines in the national forests.

No matter where your Sunday afternoon ride takes you, it is a special thing to end it with a stop in a nice restaurant and something sweet.

There are plenty of places that offer nice desserts on the Coast, but there is just one at the top of my list, and that is Canella in Bay St Louis.

A story to illustrate: I was in there one Sunday when a couple from New Orleans came in. They were well heeled, and I assumed were pretty serious foodies by their conversation and attention to the menu.

The gentleman ordered an espresso and a cannoli. He took one bite of the cannoli, leapt from his seat and ran to the hostess, embraced her and shouted “This is the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth.”

Cannoli  is not always available, but when it is, it is hand piped to order. The curls of orange rind and dusting of powdered sugar that is the only garnish is nothing short of sublime. If you order the espresso, which is the best I have ever had, in any country, ask that the owner, Roberto Zito, to make it for you. If you ask nicely, he will oblige you. He calls it his regimental espresso, because it is made to the standards of the regiment he served in while in the Italian army.

This is a pairing made in heaven.