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Give those ramen noodles an Italian flair


Special to the Sun Herald

Ramen noodles with an Italian flair
Ramen noodles with an Italian flair

If you remember back to your college days, or perhaps a time in your life when money was tight, there is a good chance you had a strong relationship with ramen noodles.

If you visit an Asian grocery story you might be surprised to find ramen-style noodles by the case, with as many as 40 varieties from which to choose.

 A case of Mama noodles, perhaps the least-expensive brand, can be had for less than $10, and that makes 30 servings.

This style noodle makes for a good snack, or a quick meal for the family. It also makes for a great storm provision. I keep two cases in my pantry during the season. It might become monotonous, but it will get you through hard times.

The little season packs that come with these noodles are marginal at best. Use them if you like, but why not treat this thin noodle just like any other noodle? Try it with a red sauce, or a cream sauce and any protein you might want to add.

One of my favorite ways is to cook the noodles in chicken stock, and then add an Italian flair. It is so simple and delicious, it falls into the comfort category.


1 package noodles per person

1 cup stock per package

1 pinch oregano


Add the stock to a sauce pan, bring to a simmer, add a pinch of oregano, and add the noodles. Lid off, when the stock has evaporated, the noodles are done. Plate and top with the cheese. Serve at once.