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Chicken soup is my go-to dish when I’m under the weather


Special to the Sun Herald

Chicken soup makes everything OK.
Chicken soup makes everything OK.

Today I have been thinking about homemade chicken soup. It is my go-to dish when I am feeling under the weather, but it is good almost anytime. It is nutritious, delicious, easy to make and not expensive.

If you are frugal, you might keep a zip-close bag in the freezer full of chicken bones and leftover parts. If so, you have got the beginnings of the stock that is the basis of this hearty soup. Simmer the bones in water and a few veggies, such as onion, carrot, bell peppers and after an hour or so, strain it.

The second part is just as easy. Sauté more veggies, add chicken, season it aggressively and add noodle or dumplings if you like. Simmer until the chicken is done, and there you have it.


Chicken thighs, cut into a large dice

Chicken bone or chicken backs for stock


Bell pepper



Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes

Simmer the bones until you have a flavorful stock. Chop equal portions of onion, bell pepper, and celery and sauté in olive oil for 10 minutes. Remember to season as you go. Add the diced chicken thighs, season again, and cook until the chicken has taken on some color. Add the stock, taste and season as required, then simmer until the chicken is just done. Do not overcook, but do serve piping hot.