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Coast Cooking: Try a meatball hoagie


Special to the Sun Herald

A meatball hoagie.
A meatball hoagie.

The last entry in our week of sandwich blog posts is the meatball sandwich or hoagie.

The meatball sandwich is an Italian- American invention, and why Italians have not warmed to the idea of eating meatballs, covered in a rich, delicious red sauce, and placed on a loaf of Italian bread, I am not sure

A good meatball hoagie, or po-boy, is hard to beat.

There are a few things you need to do to get this one right. Make sure you simmer the red sauce for a long time, but curtail the cooking time to less than an hour after you add the meat. 

Second use a mixture of beef and pork to make the meatballs, and the pork needs to be seriously fatty. Lastly, and most importantly, soak some white bread in milk for a few minutes, squeeze out the excess liquid, and mix the bread into the meatball mixture. It will make them light as grandma’s biscuits.