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Coast Cooking: Chicken cutlet sandwich


Special to the Sun Herald

Chicken cutlet sandwich.
Chicken cutlet sandwich.

I don't know where the chicken cutlet sandwich came from. Perhaps it was influenced by the German schnitzel, but it is as hearty and delicious a sandwich as can be found.

I don't know any restaurants around here that make them. Do you?

This is another simple idea. Take a premade chicken patty, or a boneless chicken thigh, dip in an egg wash, then in flour, remember to always season the flour first (use salt and pepper, or a prepared seasoning such as Tony Chachere's), then sauté until golden brown. Add a good melting cheese on top, two good slices of locally made bread, lots of mayonnaise, and just dig in. I love this sandwich.

There is no reason you can't make this sandwich with beef or pork if you like, the recipe would be exactly the same. As I know you are tired of hearing me say, please serve immediately.